Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Corners of Our New Home, Part III

Isn't it funny how a little progress in one room can lead to the finishing touches in another room, and that feeling of success can push you on through other rooms to polish off the little things left undone?

If I don't watch it, this house is going to start feeling like home after all!

Oh, wait, it kinda does already!

In keeping with my little series I've got going on here (see the first and second post to catch up), today I present the next room joining the 'Mostly Finished' column on my ta-done list: the Multipurpose/Play/Project Room (which I am trying to rename the Balcony Room because, well, the first name is just too much of a mouthful).

This most recently finished space is actually where the finishing touches of other rooms have been coming from- recovered pillows, the curtains for the kids' rooms, the re-framed family photos, and lots of stop signs and pretend banana-and-tomato casseroles.

It was also the room that contained the last few boxes needing to be unpacked, and I'm not sure why it was so late in being finished, but it's (mostly) done now!

Long live the Balcony Room!


  1. happy to discover your nice blog!

    1. So happy to have you visit our little space! Thanks for stopping by!