Friday, February 17, 2012

Pillowcase Dress #2

The most recent trip to our favorite thrift store yielded a super-soft vintage cotton pillowcase (did I mention it was 49 cents?), and a really sweet light green sweater (99 cents... yes!) that, while piled on top of each other in our shopping cart, looked like they belonged together. How does one pair a pillowcase with a toddler sweater? Why, make a second attempt at a pillowcase dress, of course! So I did.


I took a few tips from this site, but after the first few cuts, went off on my own tangent, and then ended up sewing skinny elastic into the neckline and eliminating buttons and ribbons and the like all together. Then I started feeling saucy, and made my very first attempt at pockets, too!

Finally, with the leftovers, a little dress for her AbbeyBaby, and voila! Pillowcase dress #2, plus thrifted sweater = Audrey's new outfit for $1.50!

Maybe some day I'll try making her something from real, plain fabric and a pattern... what a novel, intimidating thought... but at least until then I have thrifted pillowcases! *sigh*

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