Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garden Basket Bag

While surfing the wide plethora of garden harvest baskets and balking at the cost of them, I came across this article and was totally inspired. What was even more inspiring was the fact that I had exactly everything I needed to make a first attempt at my version without spending a penny!

The pattern in the article has you make cutouts so the handle loops are part of the basket fabric... all one piece. However, I thought it would be more fun (and eliminate a bit of error) if straps were actually added to rectangles instead. So that's "MY version."

Step one: procure rustic wooden handles

Step two: let the girl child, and recipient of the first garden basket bag, choose her fabric. Sew together two rectangles of her color choice, right sides in, leaving space to turn out.

Step three: close flap and continue seam all the way around the rectangle, so you in effect have double-sewn all the edges. Then do the same thing to smaller rectangles, which will become the handle loops.

Step four: pin loops at narrow ends of larger 'basket' rectangle, pinning carefully after measuring that the loops can in fact accommodate the chosen rustic wooden handles! Sew in place.

Step five: insert wooden handles, fill with stuffed animals (or veggies, if it's not off season!), and enjoy!

For Henny's, I used one big loop on each side because upon finding the right branches, he'll have more of a longer, curved handle. I folded the corners of his loops almost as you would fold wrapping paper on a fancy gift, to keep the edges from poking out and fraying.

Aaaaaaaaand for mine, I used a dish towel (from Ikea, actually), and chose sticks slightly smaller than the width of the towel, so it would bunch up a bit and be a little more parachutey, so to speak...

These were so incredibly easy, even for a novice like myself. Can you imagine the fabric combinations? The possible handle materials? The veggies that will fill them up? I can't wait!

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