Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Corals

This week, a very carefully selected, very carefully packed, much anticipated box arrived at our door.

It contained fifteen- fifteen!- new less-than-dime-sized fragments of soft corals for our salt water aquarium. Honestly, I got a little caught up in their beauty and some good old fashioned excitement when ordering them, and only thought about exactly where they would go in the tank after I clicked the 'complete transaction' button... but ah, c'est la vie! It was a fun problem to have.


(some of them look closer to each other than they actually are, due to the camera angle)

I can't help but take attendance of all the colorful little guys in their new home every time I walk by the aquarium, and I can't wait to watch them all start to grow, multiply, and cover up those gosh-darned ugly ceramic plugs they come attached to!

It's pretty amazing... and maybe, just maybe, if everything takes hold and thrives, we can try for another fish... again...

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