Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Fabric Love

In the spirit of designing and decorating Audrey's Big Girl Room, we took a quick trip to a local thrift shop looking for vintage goodies. With stools and a recycled bulletin board to cover, fitted sheets and pillowcases for oddly-sized toddler bedding to make, and a budget to stick to, we were on a mission. We poked and dug and sorted, and came home with a bag full of treasures that were paid for with the change out of Mama's wallet!

Some of the fabrics were turned in to something right away, and some of them are still waiting for the perfect inspiration, but all will be loved and repurposed in some important project.

Piles of lovely old linens

Transforming old in to new

Toddler pillowcase

Stool cushions

Mini-fitted sheet of poppies (poppies will make her sleep... sleeeeep...)

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