Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slowly Getting Ready

Baby Brother will be here soon (a lot sooner than I think any of the family has let it sink in, really). We have been going about our busy toddler-centered lives up until now, thinking that the big D-Day is sooo far off. Well, lets have a reality check here: Baby Brother will be here in 2 months. That's all! We have about 9 weeks to really get ready, and my, isn't there so much to do?

The foremost task on my priority list has been to coerce a final decision on a name for this little manchild. I am happy to say we have finally agreed on a name, which originates both from family history (favorite uncles and a great-grandfather) and a mutual liking by Mama and Daddy. Baby Brother will be named...

Henry Warden Ware

It has brought a sense of peace and closure (to Mama at least!), and almost a feeling of permission that, yes, now we can move on and make way for this new little person that will be entering our lives in such short time. Preparations have commenced and projects have been started, all of which will be shared in this space as more develops to show!

For now, we all have new tasks and to-do's to do, all with a happy state of mind and an eye to March when Little Henry makes our Three a Four!