Friday, May 21, 2010


This week, Audrey got a bed pillow in her crib. She's always had 2-3 stuffed animals in there with her, along with her "bay-tee" (blankie), but never a pillow. We were worried that, since Audrey sleeps on her tummy almost all the time, a pillow might pose a safety problem. However, I had noticed that very often when I'd go to get her up in the mornings or after naps, she'd be sleeping on her blanket, which would be all balled up and tucked under her head like a pillow. I did a little research and found the NoJo Toddler Pillow, and decided it was time.

After removing the pillow case, cutting off the tags, and washing it, we tried it out during a nap time. Audrey was thrilled. She got a "pah-noh" in her bed, just like Mommy and Daddy have in their big bed, and she was the happiest kid ever. She spent about 5 minutes sitting up, fluffing the pillow, and emphatically laying back down on it with a satisfied "Aaaahhh!" She then fell asleep on it... and when I say she fell asleep on it, I mean she fell asleep with her whole body crammed on to the pillow.

The next day at nap time, she went right to sleep with just her head on the pillow, and slept the whole nap time oriented in one direction in her crib, with her head nestled on her pillow (which is very unusual for her; she tosses and turns like a pinball when she's sleeping). After 2 days with a pillow during nap time, we decided to let her have it at night, and she slept all night that first night with her head on her pillow, too. She's had it in her bed ever since, and she is one happy girl! Maybe this is the first step in training her to sleep in a toddler bed... who knows?

What we've seen so far is impossibly cute, though, and that one little pillow has made it almost exciting for her to go to bed, so we're all loving it!


  1. hahahaha! LOVE it! She is so much like me! Sleeping on tummy and great bed hair :-)

  2. So very cute. FWIW, I didn't have to 'train' Elias to sleep in a toddler bed. He had no problem transitioning around 19 months.