Sunday, November 1, 2009


This Halloween, I decided Audrey should have a real costume, and I went online to find her one. Wal-Mart online ended up having the cutest option, and I ordered it about a week before Halloween. My order was guaranteed to arrive on or before 10/30, so I didn't sweat my procrastination, and moved on. On Thursday the 29th, no package. On Friday the 30th, no package. I went online to track it, and it showed that it had been delivered; they had it recorded to have been left on our front porch on the 29th at noon-ish. Ummmm, no package. I was so bummed!

On Saturday the 31st, I dressed Audrey in her "Plan B" outfit- an orange onesie with a Jack-O-Lantern face on the front- and we began preparations for the evening. At about noon on Halloween day, my neighbor brought over a box that had been delivered to her house, but had our info on it. Hmmmm. She had it sitting in her house since noon on Thursday, but she was just then able to bring it over. At least she brought it over in time- Audrey's costume!

This Halloween, we decided to take a trip down to Cleburne, and attend the annual Trunk-or-Treat celebration that Kyle's family's church does in their parking lot. Kyle's dad, uncle, cousin, and a few others play in a mad scientist band during the event, and they have a bunch of well-known songs that they've given a Halloween twist to. They're really good! I was worried that the loud music coming from the band's amps would freak Audrey out, but she loved it, and jammed to every song.

We stage a pumpkin patch with the two pumpkins that will become pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving

Audrey showed interest in the pumpkins... for about 5 minutes

Audrey and her Halloween Eve outfit

Her shirt has a "Ch-Ch" on it

Audrey sporting the "Plan B" outfit on Halloween morning

Can't quite reach that toy...

Got it!

All packed up and ready to head to Cleburne

We arrive at Trunk-or-Treat

Monkey Girl on the move

The Mad Scientists

Jamming to the Monster Mash

That's Bill on lead guitar, Grayden on bass, and Robert singing

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