Friday, October 16, 2009

The Last Thursday

I can't believe this week is almost gone, already! Yay for the weather, yay for Audrey's great moods, and a conflicted yay/boo that Saturday is almost here!

On the 15th of last year, I was wrapping up all loose ends, because it was my last day at work before my maternity leave started! Oh, happy day! I had mentally checked out several days earlier, but this was officially my last day... I remember completing all necessary FMLA paperwork, and having many people stop by throughout the day to say good-bye (like I wasn't going to come back or something... hmm...).

On this October 15th, Audrey and I stayed at home and alternated playing with naps and chores. I was able to carve and decorate her little personal birthday cake, and it now sits ready for smashing and bashing in the fridge. I also baked 4 pound cakes for the everyone-else cake, and did some more cleaning.

Grammy joined us in the afternoon, and we played with puzzles and toys until dinner time. After dinner, Grammy let Audrey play with her iPhone, and once Audrey was off to bath time, Grammy headed to the airport to pick up Aunt KK (what a special girl Audrey is- Aunt KK flew in just for her party!).

Audrey begins the day in a summery outfit, investigating the helmets left on the couch

Once the cold front blew in, we had a wardrobe change, and Audrey moved on to the stuff under Mama's sink (with close supervision, of course)

Audrey enjoys some of the fresh, cool breeze

Audrey hangs out with Dada and Grammy

Audrey finally gets a hold of Grammy's iPhone

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