Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Morning!

This morning, Audrey was awake when I got up, and was sitting happily in her crib, babbling and playing with her Peep (a stuffed chick of some kind). I went up and got her up at 7:30am, and as soon as I walked in, I could tell something wasn't right. Did something crawl in to her crib at night and die? Nope... she had just dirtied her diaper. I have no idea how long she had been dirty, as she never uttered a peep and was in quite a good mood. Not the first time this had happened, and probably no the last. No big deal.

I got her up, opened up her pj's, and OH MY GOODNESS. Not only was her diaper dirty, but it had come up out of the back of her diaper, up her back, and into one of her sleeves. I had to take her pjs off and try to clean her up without her getting dirty further, which didn't happen... so after the diaper was off she stuck her heel in it, which was then a vehicle to spread the madness all over the changing table. We used half a package of wipes controlling that mess.

SO our morning started not with breakfast and bottle like it usually does, but with bath time! Once all cleaned up, we got to enjoy some oatmeal pancakes and yogurt, and because of the chaos in the beginning, I totally forgot to give her a bottle. Then it was down for a nap about 5 minutes early, and unfortunately, a brief sleep. She is now playing happily in her crib (which has a full set of fresh sheets and stuffed animals), and will get up to a big lunch to make up for the missing bottle! What a way to start your 10-month birthday! Pictures to come.


  1. yukk! I can remember that happening!---and to have to CLEAN UP before can even take a bath!!

  2. Ooo! I hope you mean pictures of the poopy mess :) :) :)