Monday, August 17, 2020

A Swallowed Garden

It's about the time of year that I'd be planning my autumn garden, and maybe even planting a few beds with something fun like more beans or a few cabbages. However, this year, I'm having to take an extra step with my planning to allot a couple consecutive days of weeding.

For some reason this year- more than any other before it- I have struggled to make time to get out there and tend to my beds... and it shows, y'all. I have never had weeds like I have right now. They're in every bed, thick and healthy, filling every space and spilling into pathways and perimeters.

Henry and I got up early when the weather was still nice and weeded for 3 hours, and although most of the beds are in way better shape now (it took 8 wheelbarrows full of weeds, all dumped into the chicken coop), it's still not where I want it. Plus, we still haven't planted a single garlic bulb or patch of kale for fall.

Maybe another weekend will do it.


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