Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snow Magic

We had one of those wonderful moments this weekend where all the weather people and weather apps were promising a slim chance of "frozen mix" with the warning that it probably wouldn't stick, we all went to bed with our fingers crossed, and we all woke up to this. Sleet first, fine flakes second, and more than an hour-long finale of big, fat flakes that took us all the way into the lunch hour before it was over. It was pure magic.

We had two rounds out in the cold- one with Mama and one with Daddy- then we came inside to thaw and marvel at the continuing downfall. We had a fire, we had hot chocolate... we checked all those snowy-day boxes that we haven't been able to check for quite a few years now. Our first significant snowfall in what Henry described as "all the years that make up forever!"

Most of it melted away within an hour or two, but surprisingly there was still little patches in the shady places the next morning, which was almost as magical as waking up to it actively falling. It really was amazing.

And the best part was the roads stayed clear and safe, which is this Texan's favorite part of our brand of winter weather.

Pure snow magic.

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