Monday, May 21, 2018

May Garden

The paths are being swallowed up by lambsquarters, there are a few things we planted that haven't germinated yet and a few other things that are way beyond bolted, but oh my goodness, there are also some things out there that are knocking our socks off, y'all! High five to all those resilient things that can thrive despite neglect!

This weekend, with help from my Littles, we harvested our elephant garlic, a few early peppers, some cool Desi summer squash and a couple yellow zucchini, and the happy surprise of the day- enough green beans to have for lunch!

Now, the squash and peppers are in the fridge, the green beans are nommed, and the garlic is curing in the pantry (also, check out those cool scapes!). Knowing it's Green Bean Season all but assures that we'll be out in the garden in the evenings now, hunting through the leafy forest, and let me tell ya- I have my eye on those tomatoes next!

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