Monday, December 19, 2016

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...looking over my lists (you could say I'm checking them twice, har har), making sure I haven't forgotten anything before putting away the wrapping paper and calling that done.
...waiting with anticipation for our new dishwasher, scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! (It would be OK to eat takeout off paper plates until then, right?)
...slowly adding holiday cards from friends and family to our card wreath, and feeling thankful for the few we still get via snail mail!
...enjoying the lightness and freshness of my latest holiday music find, The Piano Guys- A Family Christmas.
...taking stock of our creatures after a night with the lowest lows in years- I believe it was 12*F with wind chills around 3 degrees this morning before sunrise. Um, burr.
...feeling twitchy and edgy after being awakened at 1am by a chirping smoke detector running low on batteries... then shortly after that hearing the screams of a terrified Bubba when the alarm- which turned out to be the one in his room- woke him up, too. And now? Now there's another one chirping somewhere in the house, but it's not chirping frequently enough for me to locate it yet.
...trying to save a few Christmas cookies for sharing this weekend. It's been a challenge.
...turning planning to our upcoming Solstice celebration, and poling around the interwebs for a fun new dessert to try in front of our Solstice fire.

Right now I'm indulging in a little time stolen from other things waiting for my attention to visit this space and check in. There are chores to do, there are projects to complete, there are e-mails and papers and phone calls that all need tendin' to... and there is the deep quiet pull to be still fighting against it all.

Here's to finding balance in it all, friends, in these last few days of December, of Fall, of pre-holiday, of darkness. May we all make the most of it, whatever 'it' is for you and yours.

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