Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bib Bed

Good bye, crib. You served us well, and you never held it against us that the teeth marks you bare have never been repaired, the warped parts that should have been returned when we bought you were just wood-glued into place, and you haven't been moved from that exact spot for five years... until today.

Today, a new bed now stands against the same wall, taking up less room yet making the littlest among us feel so big.

Henry's Big Boy Bed (or as he calls it, his Bib Bed) has finally found it's way into our home, and everyone is quite excited about it...

...and after lunch today, this big boy of ours marched himself right into his room, climbed into bed, and stayed there until he fell asleep. His first snooze in his Big Boy Bed.

If we had any doubts about it being the right time for this transition, they're gone now. Watching this sleeping boy on the monitor, it's slowly sinking in that it was probably us who weren't quite ready to make this change. Patiently he waited until we were ready (or was it just me?), and there were only smiles as the crib came down and the new bed went up in it's place.

And now, I'm realizing there was nothing to fear- he was ready all along, and although we passed yet another milestone that will never be revisited in this house again, I can see on the path ahead of us so much more to celebrate than what has been left behind to mourn.

And so today we celebrate.

Happy First Day in The Big Boy Bed, Bubba.

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