Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There is a bug amongst us. Well, to be more specific, there is a bug with Audrey. We all are very regimented about sleeping in our own beds, but being sick is the exception, and so around midnight last night a very hot and tired girlchild made her way down the stairs in my arms and into Mama and Daddy's bed. There she remained, getting up about every hour or so to work through whatever settled on her. When morning broke, so did her fever, and I awoke to little feet dug into my back and a tired Little One hogging my pillow.

Our day today revolved around keeping this child- who cannot help but move, make noise, and go go go- still and resting. We pulled out the juice, the hot soup and special easy-on-the-tummy foods, the Christmas books (her favorites since about August), the slippers and hoodies, and the remote (since phasing out most TV, we have enjoyed being able to put on an episode of Sesame Street and it be a novelty and something that feels special... for now, anyway).

She truly has seemed to recover completely, but she is also notorious for lapsing back into sickness after bedtime, so in writing this as she settles in for the night, I am painfully aware of the possibility that we haven't seen the end of this... yet...

For now, though, it is nice to breathe a sigh of relief, soak up those rare cuddly moments with our Miss Independent, and head off to bed early to rest up for a possible repeat of quite a hectic night.

Despite how terrible it always is when your child is sick, I can't help but be incredibly thankful that this is happening now and not next week. So thankful. So bring on the late nights and extra laundry... and let's get this out of the way!

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  1. When Kyle and Katy were sick, I would pull out the sleeper sofa and sleep with them. It's easier to monitor and comfort that way. I'm glad she felt better through the day and hope all is done with the bug.