Monday, October 17, 2011

I Have a Three-Year-Old.

Holy cow, I have a three-year-old. I woke up to that fact this morning. In fact, I woke up to that fact this morning at almost the exact time three years ago that the ball was set rolling. It would be easy for me to wallow in nostalgia today, revisiting posts like this and this, but instead, let's just focus on the wonder that was a Birthday Weekend and a Birthday Proper, shall we? This Mama needs no more wallowing over how fast time flies!

We celebrated Audrey's birthday Saturday, October 15th, for the sake of traveling and working family. We had a late afternoon celebration, which commenced right after nap time. Audrey got to get up, put on her birthday crown, and come down the stairs to the magical appearance of balloons, presents, and family!

We cut straight to the best part- opening up all those beautiful, colorful packages. She's still a novice when it comes to ripping off that paper, but what a fun skill to practice! By Christmas, this chick will be a pro.


Once all was revealed, it was hard to peel her away from her treasures to eat dinner... OK, if I'm being honest, it was impossible to peel her away. In fact, I was quite unsuccessful. What I'm trying to say is... well, this birthday girl didn't eat dinner. Unless you consider 3 slices of cake dinner. (and the Mother-of-the-Year award goes to....... ME!)


Aaah well. Once a year can't hurt much, right?


By bath time Saturday night, this birthday girl (and her little brother) needed a bath, stat! To the tub she went, with some fantastic new bath toys, and she splashed away the last few hours of her Party Day.

Sunday morning, she woke up and said, "My birthday party is over." Aww. Though I can't feel too sorry for her... she got to spend the whole day with Daddy, unpacking and playing with some really cool stuff. Thank you to everyone whose love and generosity made the party and the day after as magical and special as it was.

On Audrey's actual birthday, she kicked it off with a bang, and slept in past 9:30am. Go girl! We then put on some of her favorite tunes (right now she likes the soulful sounds of Gillian Welch's new album, The Harrow and the Harvest, particularly because of the banjo and harmonica), and got a special breakfast ready to go...

We then got dressed (she picked the pillowcase dress I made for her, aww), and we spent the day playing with- and finding places for- all her new toys.

Around lunch time, we received a surprise in the mail- a perfectly timed gift from Grandma Bette and Grandpa Ross...

...and Henry particularly enjoyed the card. We had a special lunch of black beans and rice, Cheeze-Its, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream (her requests). Then it was off to a nap, and a few errands after that.


After nap time, Audrey helped make her birthday cupcakes... OK, I know that sounds cruel, but she wanted to! She has always loved helping in the kitchen, and on this, the day of my daughter's birthday, I could not refuse.


The result? Lemon cupcakes with black raspberry preserve filling and white chocolate cream cheese frosting... and sprinkles. Yellow cake, yellow sprinkles. Very important.

The afternoon found us outside, walking around the surviving fall garden, peeking at the tantalizing possibilities, and enjoying the breeze.


After Daddy got home and dinner was served, it was time to open the Mama and Daddy gifts, saved for her real birthday...

A Mama-knit scarf, just her size

A doctors' kit, complete with sound-emitting beeper, cell phone, and stethoscope


We served the cupcakes, sang happy birthday, and whisked Little Brother off to the bath tub. Just before the Birthday Girl herself landed in the tub, she logged some quality Daddy time, playing Doctor Audrey with her new gear.

 Happy birthday, Audrey Grace. We are so much better for having you.

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