Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visiting Aunt KK

Beaumont, our second family road trip. A 4.5/5 hour drive south, south, south, into humidity, tall tall trees, and about a 15-degree temperature difference from home. Also, where Aunt KK lives. We ventured down to spend some time with beloved Aunt KK the weekend before Christmas. We needed to soak up some quality time since she would be staying home through the holidays, and we're glad we did, because the time we spent in Beaumont ended up being a great time, indeed.

Stretching our legs in Katy's backyard

Playing in the hallway

Ordering lunch at a local cafe 

Helping Aunt KK decorate her Christmas tree

Savoring some quiet time with Daddy

Playing in the "Beautiful Leaps"

Opening presents on our un-official Christmas morning

Enjoying some late afternoon sunshine

Sticker-iffic pedicures in the grass

Chasing Aunt KK around the trees

Going down the slide all by herself

Being with Aunt KK at Aunt KK's Church

Beaumont was a beautiful side-step from the seasonal hustle and bustle that had settled in our home, and though the short visit came and went in a blur, we were able to jump back in to our holiday preparations once home feeling recharged and much loved. Our family is such a blessing.

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