Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

What a whirlwind Thanksgiving we have had! Two dinners, two happy gatherings, and two households to deck with post-Thanksgiving fervor for the all-too-present Christmas season! We are so blessed!

The morning of Thanksgiving, I got up early to make up the dough for the bread we were contributing to both families' dinners. Once the rolls were formed and trayed, we packed up the necessities for our over-night visit and hit the road! Our first stop was Mimmy and Pappy's to drop off pie and bread, then on to Nanny's for the majority of the day. 

A pre-meal tea party

Sharing tea with Granddaddy

Playing piano with Nanny

After gorging on turkey, sides, and the best darn dressing there ever was, we laid around and savored each others' company until it was time to head over to Mimmy and Pappy's for Thanksgiving dinner #2.

Pre-dinner football with Mimmy and Uncle Nate

Thanksgiving table set

Mimmy's turkey came out so pretty, we had to take a picture

Dinner #2

On Mimmy's fridge
 This year, we chose to spend the night at Mimmy and Pappy's, despite the fact that their house is in the middle of a renovation. It wasn't a big deal, though, to set up our blow-up mattress and the pack-n-play in the soon-to-be guest bedroom and make ourselves at home!

Audrey and Leeloo play while waiting on breakfast

Watching Charlie Brown with Mimmy and Pappy
The morning after Thanksgiving saw the second year of a new tradition: gathering back at Nanny's house to help decorate for Christmas. This year we walked from Grammy and Gramps' house to Nannys in the crisp fall weather (thanks to the last-minute cold front that prevented our Thanksgiving holiday from feeling like April!), crunching leaves and pointing out birds the whole way.

Audrey crunches leaves on the way to Nanny's house

Diving right in to decorating with the lighting of the tree

Ornaments holding the memories of generations of Christmases

Everyone pitches in

Katy puts up the topper

Once the tree was decorated, the attic unloaded, and the big and heavy stuff handled, everyone parted ways. As we prepared to head home to our own naked tree, lo and behold, a little girl became enthralled by a mysterious Christmas oddity...

Audrey discovers the Hypnotic Christmas House

The Baby Hypnotizing Christmas music box

Girl and music box

We had to peel Audrey away from the musical chime that has entertained many a grandchild at Nanny's house, but eventually we got everyone and everything piled back in Daddy's truck, and we headed on home. What a wonderful holiday, yet again, thanks to our family and the love and dedication of the wonderful cooks and decorators all around us.

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