Monday, October 18, 2010

Turning Two

Our baby turned two today. It is still sinking in for both of us. She still seems so small, despite being so big! It just feels impossible. Her vocabulary is already amazing, she's been able to use the potty a few times (making her Mama start fretting about potty training!), and she goes up and down the stairs all day long by herself, yet she still feels like my little baby, and it just doesn't feel possible that it's been two years.

For her celebration extravaganza, we actually had a whole weekend to indulge. We had a family party the day before her birthday to celebrate with the family members that would soon be whisked away by travel plans, then we had an intimate day on her official birthday with just Mama and Daddy.  It was a wonderful weekend, and we treasured every fleeting moment with our toddler.

Audrey wakes up on Party Day in a happy mood

Audrey dons her Winnie The Pooh outfit, complete with Pooh ears hair do

 Audrey enjoys an episode of Sesame Street with lunch

Party prep upstairs, where the working air conditioner is

Mama and Audrey with her birthday girl crown

Audrey and Jake watch video clips from Audrey's birthday last year


A tricycle!

One of the stars of the show: a drum!

Cupcakes, the next best thing to presents

A much better cake picture than the one from her first birthday party

Wrapping up the day with Pappy and new chalk in the driveway

Audrey's birthday party was a relaxed, cozy, family-filled event that left her happy and tired. After a long bath spent playing with her new and amazing bath toys, she hit the hay and slept pretty darn well. I wonder if she dreamed about riding her new tricycle, scooting around in her new wagon, or banging on her new drum...

On the morning of her real birthday, she woke up around 8:30am and devoured some fruit and oatmeal pancakes, then we all got ready, packed up, and headed to the pumpkin patch! During the short drive up the road to the park where the autumn festival was set up, Audrey kept crooning from the back seat, "Punkin patch, oh boyeee! Lots and lots a punkins!"

Daddy pushes Audrey through the woods toward the pumpkin patch

We were surprised at the great little petting zoo on the grounds

The hungry sheep and goats kinda put Audrey off...

...but she wasn't that phased

Next stop: chickens!

Audrey seemed to enjoy being with the chickens the most out of all the animals, and despite being a little nervous when the birds would flutter and scoot around, she was really happy to be there... 

Audrey Meets Real Chickens from Kyle Ware on Vimeo.

The chicks and ducklings were a highlight

Sweet babies

A little more intimidating: a Brahma bull

She ventures a pat, pat, pat, then is ready to move on

Inspecting 7-day-old piglets with Daddy

Inching a bit closer

Admiring a horse from a safe spot

Final stop: the pumpkin patch!

Choosing her pumpkin

She could have spent all afternoon with the gourds

After a little over an hour of wandering the grounds of the pumpkin patch and traveling petting farm, we were ready for lunch! What does one get for a sweet little two-year-old for lunch? Why, Vietnamese noodle soup, of course!

Awesome tastiness

One of her favorite foods of all time: noodles
After lunch, we had to remove her pants because of all the sticky rice noodles decorating her leggings! She didn't seem to mind, though, and took a good nap after we finally returned home. 
Once awake, Audrey headed straight for her new baby stroller and the pumpkins she picked out, to play "punkin patch" while Daddy prepared to put together her new easel...

Showing Yellow Guy her pumpkins

Moving on to easel box and tool inspection

Helping Daddy

Very technical assembly skills required

Exploring parts and pieces

Ready for the paint cups, Daddy?

It looked so small in the store...


Finally ready!

Little artist

We colored all evening, and by bath time, had a content and tired little two-year-old. After putting her to bed, we sat around marveling at what lucky parents we were, and how fleeting these early years truly are. We are so blessed.

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