Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh, are we ever soaking up this autumnal weather! Despite the fact that we still have 15 days until the "official" first day of fall, what we've had in the forecasts lately have been a welcome respite from the dismal summer heat! Our daily routine has adapted accordingly: after breakfast and getting dressed, we now head outside and spend the entire morning exploring, running (kind of), poking, digging, picking, and splashing! By the time lunch rolls around, there are usually two growling tummies and one very dirty little one! It's a beautiful way to spend the beginning of any day. Frequently, the big sidewalk chalk accompanies us on our adventures...

Morning in the driveway

Making "Chalk Paint" in a puddle

"Painting" with water

"Han Pihnt!"

Doesn't this say it all?

Wet, dirty, and loving it

Happy cheese ball

Sitting in the puddle and drawing on the dry

Audrey's favorite color...s

Sweet girl

As the weather continues to turn, we are eager to celebrate the freedom that comes with the breaking of the heat! Welcome, Autumn, we missed you!

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