Monday, February 8, 2010

A Dreary Monday

We are in the thick of a classic Texas winter: first it's cool, then it's warm, then it's freeeeezing, then it's raining and cool, then it's dry and cold, then it's warm, then it's freezing and cold. Right now, it's raining, cold, and about to freeze.

Audrey has recently graduated to another level of personality, and is exploring her latest ability of self-expression: the temper tantrum. It is going on a week now that she's been dabbling in this ancient art, and it's quite a beating if there's nothing planned to break up the day. Usually, an outing right before lunch is an excellent distraction for both of us, but on days like today, it's just not worth it to get out. The answer (at least for me): photo ops. Without further ado, a sampling of an otherwise completely un-noteworthy Monday (I don't think un-noteworthy is a word).

8am-ish: Audrey wakes up with a much more tame 'do than usual

We share whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes and hard-boiled eggs while the kitties distract Audrey (unseen, to her right)

After dressing, dishes, and laundry, we head upstairs and clean up the landing (Audrey helps by throwing away some trash)

We move to Audrey's room, where we dust and change sheets

Audrey rocks her rocking chair

We make some funky beats with one of Audrey's percussion instruments

Audrey digs for another toy...

...then makes a few calls, while Maslow watches from safely inside the tent

After a dinner of stuffed cabbage and twice-baked potatoes, we learn about making brownies from scratch with Alton Brown

Audrey gets comfy as 'Good Eats' wraps up

Finally, a nice, warm bath

Last on the to-do list for the day: brush teeth, dry hair, pajama-jammie-jams, and bed!

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