Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and Decorating

What a whirlwind week it as been. Are we already over with the first week of December? Impossible. I can't believe only a month ago, we were gearing up for Thanksgiving, which seemed so far away. NOW, it's but a distant memory (and a few extra pounds), the house and halls are decked, and we're polishing off our Christmas shopping!

Thanksgiving for us ended up being quite a marathon. We decided this year to spend the night with Kyle's grandparents the night of Thanksgiving, to allow for the most time with family. A bonus was the morning after- we were around to help Nanny decorate for Christmas.

The first meal of the day was lunch at Nanny's, and we wrapped up the day with dinner at Mimmy and Pappy's. What a day!

Traveling to Nanny's Thanksgiving morning

Audrey enjoys Nanny's famous dressing

The overwhelming spread at Nanny's

Lounging after gorging

Audrey plays at Mimmy's after Thanksgiving #2

The aftermath at Mimmy's

Audrey listens in on Uncle Nate and Dada discussing photography tech

The spread at Mimmy's

Uncle Nate


Audrey lets her pie settle

The morning after, decorating Nanny's

Aunt KK and Ellie untangle lights

Playing with box blocks before lunch

Robert lights the tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Kyle's family came over with boxes of childhood slides, and we revisited the past with hors d'ouvers, wine, and Taco Bueno

Audrey walks through the evening with a bread chewie

Aunt KK with Audrey... and the bread chewie... still

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  1. You are doing a GREAT job of documenting all this! And no slide projector needed :-)