Thursday, June 1, 2017

Another One in the Books

(See Bubba's meet-the-teacher night and their first day of school here)

It's the last day of school, and my kiddos are sad. (Well, Henry is conflicted, because he's also looking forward to getting his fidget spinner back, which he's been grounded from for almost a week because he brought it to school... he gets it back at the end of the day today.)

They love going to school, they loved their teachers this year, and they're going to miss all their friends. I am so pleased that they are still loving school enough to be sad when summer break starts.

Our big man "graduated" from Kindergarten, and was very serious about the whole process...

...and now I can't wait to tell them about all the fun stuff we're planning for the summer! It's a wrap, people, Kindergarten is through forever and my babies are on their way to First and Third! Another good school year in the books!

(Looking back at Audrey's Kindergarten graduation)

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