Monday, June 19, 2017


This weekend, we...

...woke up early on Saturday morning to greet the sprinkler guys, made some scrambled eggs and coffee, and packed up the car for a trip to the annual company picnic.
...ate BBQ, played outside in bathing suits with new friends, and returned home to a completely irrigated garden (so exciting!).
...took the fastest mid-afternoon showers ever and hit the road again to visit a new-to-us hole-in-the-wall Latin taco joint (and it was good). We tried two kinds of empanadas, barbacoa, guava-melon agua fresca, fresh plantain chips, and cinnamon-chocolate paletas, among other things.
...woke up early once again on Sunday, snuck out of the house for our traditional Father's Day doughnut run, and then returned to shower Daddy with presents and hugs and appreciation for all he does for us. The kiddos gave him portraits they painted of him, and we also gave him a new pair of house shoes to replace the pair he's completely worn out.
...spent the rest of Sunday lazing around the house reading books, rediscovering old toys, and playing a little Minecraft, all in the name of avoiding the heat and humidity.
...wrapped up Father's Day with a big dinner, early bath times, and cartoons in bed.

This weekend we spent our time celebrating the man in our family who works so hard to take such good care of us, all the while thinking of our own dads who did the same for us while we were growing up. 'Thankful' doesn't even begin to describe our weekend vibes.

But we are. We are so thankful.

Happy Monday, may we strive to keep in mind all we have to be thankful for!

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