Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Netting the Run

We recently inherited two huge pool leaf nets, and this weekend we finally put them to good use- leaf nets no more, they now span the majority of the chicken run for hawk protection! Look how fancy the girls have it now!

 If not for the net, they'd still be confined to their coop, because they're still a good snacking size for the big red-tailed hawks we have around here. But now that they're roofed in, we felt secure enough to let them out into their very own yard for the first time.

The Chicken Friends were on hand to coax them out and encourage them to explore, and those girls only hesitated for a moment before bursting past the kiddos and out into the yard. They had no trouble finding their way back and forth after that first pass, and spent the rest of the day roaming through the brush.

We still need to work on a proper door of some kind so they can be more easily closed up at night (right now they come and go through an open flap cut into the hardware cloth, which is closed at night with a few wires... fine for them, not very convenient for the chicken keepers).

Though the entrance into their yard is not ideal, I couldn't wish for a better setup for the yard itself, and I've gotta say it sure is fun to stop by and watch them in their new space!

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