Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Little Campers :: Gardening Project

Little Campers session #2 went down today, and we unintentionally ended up building off our service project from last time: today's topic featured the ins-and-outs of Gardening. Although it is hard to start something growing in mid-June in Texas, we brought our A-game and high hopes and planted zinnias, a sweet Carmen pepper, a baby basil plant, a yellow squash, and an heirloom tomato scavenged from what was left in a local garden supply store. Us mamas tried to leave most of the work to the kiddos, making each responsible for a different plant (tried being the operative word).

While we worked, we talked about the basics of building a garden, the importance of soil health, why we mulch, and the work of good bugs.

Afterward each kiddo was quizzed with a gardening question, and upon answering received a Gardening Patch made with scrap leather and my wood burning tool.

We left the garden(s) in Piper and Spencer's capable hands, and hopefully it won't get too hot too fast for these little plant babies to establish themselves!

Up next: Nature/Solstice Project!

Last time: Service Project

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