Saturday, November 9, 2019

Beginning the Kitchen Window Pond

For a couple years now, I've been plotting and pining for a little water garden under my kitchen window (remember when I first started brainstorming?). We have a bountiful source of rocks and boulders right no sight- in fact one could argue that we have way too many, depending on the project- so it is easy to imagine a waterfall, stone-lined banks, and a natural transition into the garden beds we've been working and shaping.

It's easy to imagine it, anyway.

Getting it done is an entirely different matter.

We've made a little trouble for ourselves in that we dug the hole before we had the waterfall stacked... so now the tractor can't reach to help place the rocks, and we're having to rethink our process, so here she sits............................................................................................... for now.

Friday, November 8, 2019

The Flu Visits

Since this past weekend, we have been under the heavy thumb of Flu B. Eleven years of having kids in the family, and this is the first time we've ever had to put up with a visit from the flu. Poor Audrey. At least it's not the stomach version.

Tiny little bonus: a quiet and still girl wrapped in blankets makes the perfect base for a suddenly very cuddly cat... looks like we're all doing our part to help her feel better.

Friday, November 1, 2019

2019 Costumes

Our night out this year was cold for these Texan trick-or-treaters! But we had fun, we brought home waaaay too much candy (as usual), and we got to bed waaaay too late (again). My only regret this year is that my Littles didn't want to carve pumpkins, which kinda bums me out, but at least we'll have "fall" decorations for a little bit longer, right? *sigh*

Wishing everyone a gentle crash from all the sugar highs and a great First of November Friday!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

First Fire

Cold and rainy day
Gray light out, warm glow inside
Quiet zen of home

Monday, October 28, 2019

Costumes- Then & Now

First Halloween together- Pooh and Piglet

Rainbow and Leprechaun

Cowboy (with stick horse) and Princess

Day clothes that same year

Tinkerbell and Captain Hook

Doctor and Surgeon

Pigpen and Charlie Brown

Butterfly and Vet

Pa Ingalls and Laura Ingalls Wilder
Skeleton, Stick Figure, and Rick (Daddy)

This past Sunday, we made a trip to the thrift store, a trip to the fabric store, then we hunkered down in the craft room and spent just shy of 6 hours executing Halloween costumes for this year.

It's been kinda fun watching the evolution of our costumes- from whatever seemed like it matched that Mama could grab at the store, to whatever we could make from what we had around the house, to what we could put together from the dress-up stash, and then on to what the kids themselves could think up and pull off... it's been fun (and always kinda last-minute if I'm being honest).

This year both Audrey and Henry had a very strong concept of what they want to be for Halloween.

Henry watched Spirited Away with me a little while back and immediately decided he wanted to be No Face. I found the mask on Amazon but the rest of it we put together with pieces here and there from the thrift store.

(Neither Audrey nor Henry wanted a pic taken of them in their complete setup until Halloween evening when everything- including makeup- is complete, so check back here this coming weekend!)

Audrey has been obsessed with the Redwall series and decided she wants to be Major Perigord this year, a warrior hare with a very specific and detailed outfit (the front and center hare in blue).

The ears came from Amazon, the base shirt came from the thrift store, and the faux fur came from some voodoo coupon magic at the fabric store. Everything else we had around the house.

I am now officially all crafted out, but I can't help loving how super excited they both are about debuting their looks. I am really enjoying watching their wheels turn and getting to participate in pulling off their meaningful costume choices. It was totally worth the majority of our Sunday.

I may be as excited as they are for Halloween to come now!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cold Front

It always, always feels like a holiday around here when the first cold front blows through... like, the first real cold front (I'm not talking about those false-hope fronts that bring the daytime highs down into the mid-80's, y'all). We got a good one this week, and I felt perfectly justified pulling out the hot chocolate, hoodies, and long pants, then later lighting a fire in the fire pit (never mind that it was also because we cut down a couple trees and needed to clean up the branches).

We even had to close down the windows a couple times- we got chilly!

I know it'll be warm again soon, but I am so glad we got to really feel fall for a few days!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Horses and Dinner

We had the privilege of joining some friends at a charity dinner this week to celebrate the work done by Riding Unlimited in our community. Using horses- and a tiny little donkey named Tony- as therapy animals, the good people at Riding Unlimited work with the handicapped and people struggling with physical limitations. They put on an impressive event, complete with a honky-tonk band, brisket, and an appearance made by some of the therapy animals. They made a particular impression on Kyle, who was extremely impressed by their whole operation and left vowing to be one of the contributors in the following year.

Audrey and Henry especially liked the donkey and the dancing.

I enjoyed the company and the amazing sunset out the barn doors. We rubbed elbows with some of the wonderful, spunky clients and other community supporters. It was so good to get out of our 'usual' and experience another angle of what's going on around us. It was a good night.