Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekending :: (Play)Home Improvement

This weekend we decided it was time for another one of our seasonal playhouse clean-out sessions. We marched out there Sunday morning in our grubby clothes and opened it up for the first time since the holidays... and happily discovered that much of what we'd cleaned last time was still in pretty good shape!

However there had been a little water leakage where the main building ties on to their "bedroom" extension (aka the repurposed dog house), and as a result there was a nasty stain and a musky odor. My first thought was to that time Audrey lived in a moldy room for who knows how long and developed quite a reaction to it, so I decided the water stain needed to be sealed up stat. That then led to the whole playhouse getting a bright white coat of Kilz, which the kids likened to the whitewash Laura Ingalls Wilder referenced in her books, which then got the kids talking about being "Ma and Pa" after their nap/rest time this afternoon in their freshened up "cabin in the woods."

I'm so proud of my Littles- they stuck with this job to the very end, legitimately helping the whole time while also encouraging each other and me. I must have heard them say twenty times, "It's OK, everyone makes mistakes!" when paint would dribble or an elbow would bump a wet wall... but no fighting! It was as refreshing as our bright and clean finished project.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now I'm wondering to myself why we didn't paint the interior in the very beginning, because look at how cute it is now! I think I'm just as excited about it as the little homeowners themselves. Love it!

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