Monday, June 5, 2017

So. Much. Water.

We've had quite a rainy spell these last few days, and this morning looks like it'll be keeping with that trend. It's always been hard to get up and get going when one wakes up to a rainy morning (or is that just us?), but this morning we'll have to muster it because we have stuff to do- first on the agenda, the kickoff to summer swimming lessons! And by the looks of things, we may need to swim just to get to the car!

With all this rain, I bet my bees aren't finding much to forage on, but wowie wow wow are the blackberries going crazy! We'll be making jam and jelly and wine in the near future for sure! In the meantime, though, no cat you can't go outside, wow I'm missing our gutters right now, and hmmmm I wonder what the hubs would think about adding rain collection barrels to one of our future to-do lists?


Happy (soggy) Monday!

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