Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Playhouse Tree

We got our house up to holiday code over the weekend, and here and there the kids have been helping with the finishing touches. We've even started wrapping a few presents.

But that decorating bug has bitten my kiddos and they care not that the house is pretty much decked from hall to hall. They want more.

They each have a little tree in their rooms... but that's not enough.

They have their little wooden tree between them on the table... but that's not enough.

They helped hang ornaments on our big family tree... and pine cones... and candy canes... but that's not enough either.

What's a Mama to do? Well this year, Mama dug out an unused, fake, older-than-the-kids mini tree and sent them outside with it. If there's not enough sparkle and flare in their lives at this point, they can turn their attention to their own house.

Bubba kinda burned out on being told to stop messing with the tree, so he spent the decorating time "sleeping" in their playhouse bedroom. Audrey put the lights on, found leaves and acorns and sticks for ornaments, then went inside to her craft stash and made a star out of pipe cleaners for it's topper.

She was very proud of her playhouse tree. She even sang "O Christmas Tree" to it... in Spanish.

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