Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...cold, y'all! It's mid-November in Texas. Why on earth are we breaking all these all-time low records, having consecutive nights in the deep freeze, and having to get out in 19-degree mornings?
...looking longingly out the windows at the sun-filled deep-brown field and wishing it were as warm as it looks, because Mama has work to do in the frost-killed garden.
...rolling my eyes at the cat who seems more fooled by the sun than me; he follows me outside desperately, and in five minutes or less is begging to go back in........ but it only seems to take him about 20 minutes after that to forget about his cold feet and freezing ears, because he's right back at the door pestering all who pass by to let him back out..... again.
...eyeballing a few more of those dead trees we need to cut down, now that our fireplace has made short work of the (only) one we split and stacked.
...wishing my Mama a happy birthday today! As soon as we get the girl from school, we're headed to her place with cheesecake and presents! There could be no more a deserving lady than she to be doted on today. Love her and love her!
...loving my latest library loan, The War the Women Lived: Female Voices from the Confederate South by Walter Sullivan. I'm finishing it just as Thanksgiving looms, and wowza, talk about a wake-up call to be thankful for what you have.

Right now, I'm putting the finishing touches on wrappings and trimmings for my mother's birthday dinner tonight, lining up what I'll be contributing to family Thanksgiving dinners, and thinking I may have to find time to sit in the sun with my blanket, my hot tea, and my new Mother Earth News before the afternoon is over.

This may be a much colder autumn than what we "should" be having, but I'll take any chance I get to light a fire, sink into blankets, and be cozy while it lasts!

Happy Mond- er, Tuesday!

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