Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We had half of a small grove of post oaks die over the spring/summer, and there they stood all through the drought, dead and drying out. Just before this 'Blue Norther' came through we decided it was time to cut one down and make it ready (since cold weather doesn't seem to last long around these parts, one was enough for this time). A few hours with the chain saw and splitter and we had a nice little stack for the week.

We think we might be facing some kind of beetle larvae infestation, but we're not totally sure at this point what did the 6-ish trees in. A weird side note though- as we were splitting the logs from the felled tree, they smelled like sweet bread-and-butter pickles. So I'm sure that's a clue. Weird.

It's now 38 degrees, we've had our first hard freeze, and we have what we need to have a good red fire burning bright to shake off the chill. There's something primitively satisfying in that.

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