Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cleaning Up

We finally got a warm-up from that deep freeze that rolled in last week, and as soon as the sun hit the garden out we went.



Remember this space the last time we walked it? Holy cow, did that hard freeze do a number on... well, everything.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: gardening in Texas is hard. Just when it gets cool enough for things to take hold and perk back up after the summer, we get weird, early, hardcore freezes.

This fall garden was on it's way to stardom. It's painful to see what was lost when our lows dipped into the teens. It only took a few nights, and it was so-long to it all. The worst was the mammoth tomato plant, which I wrapped greenhouse-style with heavy-duty shower curtains. It was loaded with green tomatoes and flowers, and now it's compost fodder.


Live and learn.

So with the first warm(er) day and the help of the chickens, I cleaned up the garden and finally relented to this season of rest- to bed go the beds. I think this weekend I may sow some winter rye in the beds that don't have perennials or garlic, but basically this space is on break until the spring.

Bittersweet really, because though I regret what was lost, I'm glad to have this season under our belt and out of the daily chore rotation.

Now to place my orders for spring seed catalogs and focus on the winter holidays!

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