Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Looking Back on Halloween (aka Oops, This is Late!)

Oh my, we're five days in to November and I haven't shown off the Halloween costumes yet!

There were three for the girl and two for the boy, as we had a dress-up day at school, a school-sponsored trunk-or-treat, and then Halloween Proper. I think I spaced out when it was all over. That was a lot of crafting, sewing, and repairing.

So, wanna see?

OK, first, there was the Fairy Tale Ball at Sister's school, and she was supposed to dress up as a fairy tale character. In an attempt to get her to think outside the princess box, I borrowed a homemade Little Red Riding Hood costume from a friend, and bingo, she went for it.

(she was a little disappointed that there weren't real cookies in her basket for Grandma, which she tried to argue was a pivotal part of the character's costume)

Then, for the trunk-or-treat on Halloween-Eve we turned to our dress-up stash, and fixed up a tattered Cinderella dress for Sister and an explorer costume for Brother...

(yes, as you see by the shadow I also got into the dress-up stuff and borrowed some cat ears and a tail... the best part of my "costume" was freaking out our real cat, ahahhaa...)

Lastly, for the proper night out, we had a Tinkerbell and a Captain Hook, whose getups were either thrifted or homemade, and in grand total (both costumes together) cost less than twenty bucks. Go me.

The rest of the night went down without a hitch! Crisp and brisk, a little chaotic, full of friends, and a huge haul to pick at while the last showing of It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown wound everyone down.

It was a happy Halloween!

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