Monday, November 16, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...stuffy, sniffling, and weary. There is a bug that's got a grip on 3/4 of us and it has worn out its welcome, let me tell you.
...alternating between chores and sitting still while sipping hot tea almost constantly, and appreciating the gray drizzly day that's keeping me from feeling guilty about taking it slow.
...wishing the chickens would make it easier on me when it comes to gathering eggs- those girls have decided that they'd rather lay their eggs anywhere but their nesting boxes, and I've had to climb up into their hen-house and hunt through the hay every day for almost a week now to find them all.
...feeling hopeful that there's a chance we'll turn the table on that invasive scrub that's been swallowing up our woods this upcoming weekend, which will be the last weekend we have our rented skid-steer miracle machine.
...beginning to flip through magazines and favorite cookbooks to plan what I'm going to bring to our Thanksgiving dinners next week... and bursting with love and pride as my sweet girl follows suit; she has declared that she too will be making and bringing a dish to contribute to our feasts. I could just about smile my face off right now. I can't wait to see what she's going to want to make.
...loving how my (little) big guy has taken to following me around and picking up on chores and such and diving right in to help and actually helping. I have Mama-doubt every day about almost everything I do, but there are days when it feels like I'm doing some of this stuff right, y'all.

Here's to getting something right every once-in-a-while. Happy Monday!

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