Monday, November 23, 2015

Home Improvement Stuff

There's not a lot to say about our weekend... I mean, there was a lot going on, but it was kinda the same-old same-old: cutting down scrub, mucking up the house, neglecting all the chores... you get the idea.

Except this weekend we made serious, obvious progress. We cleaned up a lot of the brush we've been tearing down. We broke down a lot of the dead trees into firewood and got that split and stacked. And inside we (and by we I mean mostly my father-in-law) got all the sinks working again.

We worked out in the woods basically from sunup to sundown through the weekend, mainly because our mighty skid-steer Kubota will have to go back home at some point in the next week. Now that we're back to Monday the focus will turn to the inside of our Home, and I'll start working through the wreckage that always follows a workin' weekend. Now that the sun is coming up, it's time to assess the damage and develop a battle plan.

Isn't there a holiday coming up soon, too?

Aaaaaaaaah, this crazy home improvement stuff!

Happy Monday!

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