Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Plotting in the Woods

Now that we've completed the majority of the work with our backyard rock wall, we will turn our rented skid-steer on the invasive Chinese privet consuming our woods. It seems easy when you say it- We're going to clear out the privet in the woods. However a walk into the midst of the tangles and congestion makes it clear we'll need a strategy.

We took a little walk on the kinda-cleared paths to plot the demise of the rest of the bane scrub, and despite the depressing volume that is actually growing in- choking, really- our woods, we got to see the beauty worth fighting for, too...

Creeping cucumber!

Deer scat, so close to the house!
We will probably begin the process of digging up the giant privet clusters this coming weekend, and I'm betting that project will consume the rest of the time we have with the skid-steer. Hopefully, though, it'll lead to a plot of post-oak woods that are healthy and as a bonus we'll then be able to actually enjoy a walk through it.


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