Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little Campers

With only six days of school left, I'm guessing parents everywhere are beginning to wonder what to do to fill the hours and days between now and when school starts again in August... at least I've been thinking about it, anyway! My dear friend and fellow Mama, Keri, suggested we figure out a way to do some kind of Scout-esque "summer camp" for our kiddos. As we chewed on the idea, it began to flesh out, and lo and behold "Little Campers" was formed (named by said friend's 6-yr-old).

Every Tuesday this summer we'll bring our kiddos together and guide them through a themed activity, topic, or project, each one earning a "badge" once the meeting is concluded. She'll be making them all matching sashes for these badges to be displayed on, and we're going to have a little conclusion ceremony at the end of the summer to celebrate their accomplishments. We're even planning on making them little placards. It'll be adorable.

And thankfully, they don't care that the whole experience will be homemade and kinda an off-brand of the Scout programs... ahem... so that's a win.

So in this time before our first session- set to kick off the first Tuesday of June- I'm putting together a few of the tokens they'll earn each week. Our sessions will be as follows:

6/6: Community Service Project
6/13: Gardening Project
6/20: Nature/Solstice Project
7/4: First Aid Lesson
7/11: Wild Plants/Foraging Activity
7/18: Movie Making Project
7/25: Cooking Lesson
8/1: Craft Project
8/8: Photography Lesson
8/15: Conclusion Party

With permission from Keri, I'll be sharing what we do in our homemade summer camp, including the resources, tutorials, and materials we utilize to pull it all together, so follow along! And if you happen to know a better way, OR if you participate along with us, please feel free to let us know!

Happy camping!

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