Thursday, August 4, 2016

Play Dough

I found a new-to-us play dough recipe on Pinterest the other day and got around to making it this week. However as soon as I mixed up the ingredients and started working the paste into a dough the smell immediately reminded me that my mom had already made this dough for her kids years ago. Funny how that works.

Anyway, it's been sooooo hot, and everyone has been a little stir-crazy and edgy being trapped in the air conditioning all day long... we needed an outlet for a little creative energy. Pure white, super soft play dough to the rescue!

Henry said, "I'm gonna make snowflakes because thinking about snow will make me feel cold." Sounds good to me... I'm sure we'll use those for something eventually! Why he painted them black and red I'll never know, but snowflakes, stars, suns, letters, and a few odd blobs and freestyle shapes later we had ourselves quite a menagerie!

We also had over an hour of peace and occupation, so high five.

Thank you play dough!

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