Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snail Mail

I'm one of those people who still sends "snail mail," and around Christmastime every year we'll usually cart a two-inch-tall stack of holiday cards out to the mailbox. Even when I'm over my head with other things around the place, I'll carve out time to sit down and send a few cards.

I'm also forever haunting the mailbox at about the halfway point in December, watching for those few cards I'll get in return from friends and family who are also those types...

...and I'm happy to say they never disappoint. Shout-out to Mimmy and Pappy, Cousin Rachel, and our friends the Stone Family, who all tie for First Christmas Card Received this year. Henry opened every one and loved them, and I'm happy to say when it comes to keeping snail mail alive, I think he may become One Of Us, too!

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