Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Toast

The weather is dire
And the year has grown old,
But with cows in their byre
And with sheep in their fold,
And food and a fire
To ward off the cold-
Our sorrows we'll shrive
Now that Winter is here,
While our hearths are alive
With good will and good cheer!

For with kith and with kin
And the kindness of friends,
All strangers we'll win
And with foes make amends-
So that good will comes in
As the Ageing Year ends!

Soon we'll wish you a hale
And a Happy New Year,
But we'll first tell a tale
While King Winter is here!

Passage from
'Saturn and the Dragons of the Solstice,'
A Mystery Play by Martin Ludgate

Happy New Year, friends and family. May your cabbage be fresh, your black-eyed peas tender, your midnight toast bubbly, and your fortune bright. Cheers.

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