Monday, October 5, 2009

No More Bottles

It seems high time for some updates. Update number one: time is flying way too fast.

This week, Audrey decided that she was far too old to be taking bottles anymore, and quit them- on her own- cold turkey. She even stopped wanting the one before bedtime. Nada. Zip. This came as quite an unexpected blow to Mom and Dad, as we weren't ready for our baby to be over the bottle that fast. Apparently, though, bottles were SO last month. The problem for me is this is just another thing to add to my list of paranoia. Is she getting enough to eat, now that I can't measure what she's taking in ounces? Is she getting enough liquids? Am I offering her a balanced diet? Should I be giving her more or fewer choices at meal times? (...and the list continues.)

Along the same lines, Audrey doesn't want to be rocked before naps or bedtime now, either. (side note for the BW advocates: we never rocked her to sleep, we just rocked her for a few minutes prior to a nap or bedtime to help her wind down and relax) For a few days now, when I try to sit down and hum our nap time or bedtime song, she whines and reaches for her crib with all her might. I guess it's every mom's dream; I just take her to her crib, give her a hug, put her down, and walk away. She doesn't complain, cry, or utter a peep, she just grabs her blanket and slowly drifts off all by herself. It just kinda sucks. I think I needed more time to adjust to this!

Another recent milestone has been the expansion of her vocabulary- she now says 'hi,' 'bye,' 'up,' 'dada,' 'mama,' 'bottle,' 'ball,' 'bite,' 'yeah,' 'ice,' and 'aaaaaaaaaaah.' She's been trying to say kitty and LeeLoo, but they come out as 'sheeshee' and 'LowLow' or 'NuNu.' I'll take it, though, because it's totally adorable.

I swear, if I go to get her up one morning and she's dressed herself, I'll freak out. For now, though, I think I can cope with these changes. I think.

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  1. Yay! Be thankful about the bottles. I know parents who are struggling to get their 2-3 year olds to give it up! We cut Elias off at 14 months and he never complained, but it's a nice gift for her to give them up on her own. :)