Monday, October 12, 2009

The Last Sunday

My baby is about to turn one. I might as well have typed "kmacohiwaei&jhnf@#@Khajkh," it would have made just as much sense. I can't wrap my head around it yet. Last night, we spent more than 2 hours watching the hundreds (I don't exaggerate) of movie clips of Audrey's life from beginning to present. When I look at her now, I still see a baby, but watching those clips last night, I started seeing how much she had changed. It's even more amazing, though, to see the Audrey-ness that hasn't changed.

I decided to document the last week of Audrey's babyhood before she hits the big 0-1 and enters pre-toddlerdom. We begin with:

Audrey's Last Sunday Before Becoming One

Last year on the 11th, I was huge and miserable, and would lay awake in bed, all covers off and burning up (while Kyle slept bundled like an Eskimo due to the air being turned way down) watching Audrey's elbows and knees poke out of my belly. The 11th was a Saturday last year, and I spent that whole weekend getting excited about my upcoming maternity leave. I closed that Saturday night by attending my cousin's early Halloween party, dressed as a person with an alien bursting out of their belly (complete with fake blood and yarn spagetti). I remember how hot and humid the day/evening was. I have since lost the pics from that Halloween party, sadly.

THIS October 11th, a Sunday, was a cool and rainy day. It started on a groggy foot, as Audrey revisited her teething thing full force, and it caused her to wake up and fuss from 1am to 4am. After a big breakfast of Cream-of-Wheat, raisins, applesauce, and puffed wheat, Audrey played by herself for 35 minutes, then joined Mama and Dada for some quality puzzle time:

She loves pulling the pieces out and trying to fit them in the wrong spaces
(Puzzles courtesy of cousins twice-removed JaneGay and Kent)

We then watched LeeLoo (who, by the way, Audrey can now call by name about half the time) frolic in the rain, and followed the LeeLoo viewing with some light coloring...

After Audrey's morning nap, we packed up the bikes and cruised down to the park on our street. Audrey loved swinging...

Mama gives Audrey a push

Leash fine? Ha. We walk on the wild side.

We went down the slide a few times, but she didn't much care for that. Seems she'd rather crawl on it than slide down it.

Dada played catch the Audrey

After the park, we shared some sweet potato pie, and Audrey went down for her afternoon nap. We closed the day with some Domino's pizza and Audrey home movies...

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