Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Last Tuesday

Slow down, week! The end is looming, and I'm still not ready! Tuesday is already gone? Aah!

Hmm... the 13th a year ago, a Monday, was the beginning of my last week at work before my maternity leave. I had originally planned on beginning my maternity leave the following Monday, as my due date was the 22nd, but I had a ton of vacation that was going to expire at the end of the year (and I secretly knew I would deliver early), so I bumped my leave to Thursday the 16th.

I had spent the last few weeks getting everything set up in my office so in my absence things would run smoothly. I was set and ready for a smooth last few days, but that didn't go according to plan; I was called by my boss as I drove in to work and asked to cover groups at a treatment facility that everyone in my department was supposed to be sharing... it was her turn to go, but something had come up, and I was sent out on the fly (not uncommon). SO, my last Monday at work was spent on my feet talking to groups of people in treatment for 3 hours, while Audrey rolled around and caused quite a spectacle.

This October 13th was much more calm (and comfortable!). Audrey slept really well, and I had to wake her up at 7:45am for breakfast. After cereal, raisins, and Toasty-Os, she did her customary 35 minutes of solo playtime, and we headed upstairs to get dressed. She rounded out her morning investigating the new shelf in her 'play area' that now holds almost all of her toys.

After a very long morning nap (which I once again had to wake her from), she got up and headed straight for her pink musical walker thingie, courtesy of Jackie. We did laps around the house until Liz and Will arrived to join us for lunch and a play-date.

All that walking makes Audrey parched

Will dives in to a basket of stuffed animals

Will tickles Audrey's feet

The kids roll around

Audrey tries to get Will's attention back

Will (kinda) teaches Audrey to share

Liz and Will

At the end of the day, Audrey got breakfast for dinner and ate one and a half sweet potato pancakes all by herself! She spent the last hour before bath time playing "aaaaah" with Dada. During one of her open-mouthed "aaaaahs," we noticed- Audrey finally cut an upper front tooth! Not a bad way to end the day... no wonder she's been sleeping so well lately! What a relief!


  1. Is that a paper tube she's playing with?

  2. It is a paper tube! More specifically, an empty paper towel roll. She was actually making "ooo" sounds into it when I took those pictures.

  3. YEP! Probably going to be a trumpet player :-)