Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Last Monday

Aah, the last Monday before Audrey turns one. The 12th. Last year on the 12th (a Sunday), I was trying to pep-talk my huge self into one more work week packed full of programs and goings-on. I don't remember much about that Sunday, except the fake blood from my Halloween costume the night before wouldn't completely wash off, and I was worried about going in to work looking like I had some weird rash or hives all over my arms.

Thankfully, I had no hives to worry about this year on the 12th. We started our last Monday-Before-One practicing self-feeding (video on Facebook). Once Audrey was sufficiently satisfied, we moved on to solo playtime, got dressed, and played around the house until nap time.

Another 35 minutes without even blinking!

Waiting for Mama to find an outfit in what was left of the clean Aud-er-ey Laun-der-ey

Looking for LeeLoo

Getting ready to take a spin around the house

More puzzle time (she loves these puzzles!)

Audrey makes some calls

All that playing wore Audrey out; she went down for her nap and fell straight to sleep, and didn't wake up until I woke her up at 11:45am! She woke up and said "hi," and when I told her to smile for the camera...

...she kinda did! The cloudy day made it dark enough that I had to use the flash in her room- I would have squinted, too! After nap time, Audrey investigated our toy-organizing project...

..and we concluded the day with a brisk bike ride in the mist. We drove through puddles, swarms of mosquitoes, and the very light rain that started falling, and Audrey sat comfy in her Chariot with the flaps closed, shaking her maraca and making monkey sounds. It was a good Last Monday.


  1. I love the BLOGS, but where is Audrey's helmet? and the LeeLoo leash cracks me up!

  2. I love being able to click on my wonderful computer and see such pictures of Audrey's new accomplishments. Can't wait for the party Sat. Love to all Nanny