Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Sister's turning 11 tomorrow (at 6:40am, to be precise). She asked me this morning if she was going to be a teenager after this birthday, then she said she couldn't think of anything she wanted for a birthday present, then she asked if she could have some coffee.

My sweet smart girl, my ninja, my violinist; a Minecraft extraordinaire, Guinea pig tamer, OJ maker, and ponytail aficionado; afraid of spiders, not afraid to help a stranger, thoughtful and funny and uninterested in frilly things..... the best girl a Mama could ask for.

We did a "Yes Day" this past weekend instead of a traditional birthday party this time around (her choice), have you heard of these? Basically for one full day you get to do whatever you want (within reason). Anything that would add to the enjoyment of the day, the answer is yes.

She had doughnuts for breakfast.
She played Minecraft all morning.
She had Ramen noodles and a trip to the ice cream shop for lunch.
She skipped our usual rest time and played Minecraft some more.
We had fondue for dinner, and for dessert she had frozen CoolWhip topped with the filling from Oreos (just the filling, not kidding).
She stayed up as late as she wanted and read in bed (she lasted until about 10pm).

She reports it was an excellent Yes Day.

Of course we have a few more surprises for her real birthday, and there will be cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow. It's hard over here, lemme tell ya.

Oh my girl, you are a hoot. Happy 11-Eve!

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