Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Music Lessons

Our kiddos began music lessons this month. Henry has been begging for drum lessons for almost three years now, and recently Audrey decided she wanted to try playing the piano. We got them their own instruments last year at Christmas (er, I mean Santa brought them... ahem...), and we were finally convinced that they were serious enough to stay committed this year, so here we are.

Audrey has picked up the piano at an astonishing rate. She blew through the first volume of 'Piano for the Young Beginner' in her first two lessons. She already understands and can read the notes, and her teacher had her playing with both hands by her third lesson. It's been just wonderful to watch her figure it all out. (She was dreading her first lesson for some reason, but didn't tell us, and when we got in the car afterward she said with a dramatic exhale, "OK, that was way better than I thought it would be.")

It appears as though Henry is loving his teacher and lessons just as much, though I have no first-hand experience because he's always been in a sound-proof room which has viewing windows too high for this short Mama to peek into! My only glimpses of him playing have been through the pictures I sneak by putting my phone up to the window. He practically dances with excitement waiting for his lesson to begin, though, and when he finishes he's all smiles, so that seems like a pretty good endorsement.

Whenever our kiddos try something new, we always make them commit to at least a year. So far they haven't found anything they want to do beyond their one-year deadline, but I'm kinda hoping this might be something they stick with.

After all, when I find stuff like this lying around...

 makes a Mama kinda hopeful that there may be a chance that at least one of them might be finding a groove!

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