Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekending :: Garden Progress

This weekend, with some extra hands on deck, we shaped up the garden space and got all the raised beds built. I can't believe we once again started and finished the designated weekend project by the end of the weekend! High five!

 I'll be working this week to fill up the beds with layers of rotting wood, straw, sand and compost, inspired by a hybrid of the lasagna method and hugelkultur for soil building. Once the layers are complete, we'll figure out something to do with the paths, put the fence back up, and install cattle panels for climbing vines (kinda like this). And then? Then we plant seeds!

I'm so thankful for the willing help, the space, and the opportunity to finally get another garden going. Sitting out from the process last year really made me realize how important gardening is to my psyche and my identity. I've felt at a bit of a loss not having that outlet, and my fingers are practically tingling with the anticipation of participating in that Spring magic once again.

Yay for garden progress!

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