Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Play

We're nearing that time of the summer when school is looming and I start noticing more and  more the things that will change with that inevitable sendoff.

For some reason, this particular summer my kiddos have been playing together so well. Like, better than usual. Every morning they come together for a bit and drum up something to build, or a mystery that needs to be solved, or they come down for breakfast dressed in some elaborate getup with a background story already fleshed out.

I am not saying they haven't been clashing this summer- heaven knows that wouldn't be true- but the imaginative play has been far superior to previous summers this go-around, and I can't help but take note.

Sometimes my camera is handy and I can capture a piece of the moment- like when they were building thrones with pillows and an old box and donning their royal attitudes and gear, or when they convinced Daddy to get out the Legos they gave him for Father's Day... or when they were a perfectly coordinated caterpillar and crawled all the way from my office to the dining room in sync- and sometimes I just have to stand back sans-technology and absorb.

I'm just glad I've been allowed a glimpse into their sibling world... and I'm glad it seems to be a (mostly) happy place!

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